How Do You Know If You Are Ready? 

Before you start reading you should know that I am not offering answers.  This is merely a starting point on something that I’ve been asked a fair few times this week, even though my challenge is 9 weeks away.

Almost every day I encounter a small voice.  It is the voice of doubt.  It starts as a small faint hum, and then grows to a faint whisper.  Alone, the imaginary sound of the sea at the end of my journey make short work of drowning it out.  The memories of the person I am running for cuts through the growing whisper, and the knowledge that there are people who have shown their support help keep the voice at bay.

Then the question come….

“Are you ready?”

The voice returns louder…

“You can’t answer that question can you?”

And it’s right!  I have no idea how to judge my readiness for something this big, and haven’t read any thing that actually spells out how you can possibly know.  The inner voice of doubt joins with the voices that I know are out there, and become more an inner negativity to push against.  The precept of martial arts is that you need to use your opponents force to attack their centre, meaning that if your opponent is relaxed, calm and focused you will have nothing to fight against and are likely to lose.  This collection of voices, all of which accompany me on each and every training run, are there as a force that allows me to push on, perpetually moving forwards to disprove them.

But the question still remains….

How can you know if you are ready for something, when you have never done it before?

One thought on “How Do You Know If You Are Ready? 

  1. Maybe when a preoccupation with being ready is overcome by the excitement of the challenge ahead? Its all in the mind and I reckon your physical state at the start line with something like this is not that important.

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