The Reason Tailwind Is More Than Just Some Energy Drinks Company!

I’ve contacted several companies and asked for their support and the few replies I’ve had, amongst the electronic version of tumble weed, have all been a distinctive shade of ‘no’.

Then Mike from Tailwind got in touch, and if I’m honest (putting aside the scepticism of Tailwind since I’d not ever tried it) I wasn’t really sure what he was offering.  Then we had a conversation or two via email and a video call and I was blown away.  A huge wait lifted from my backpack.  

That weight was the concern that food and nutrition would be an issue, as well as water.  Now, training seems to be getting more effective and I’m feeling more confident every time I train with Tailwind that file on the run isn’t going to be a problem.

I guess at this point the title should be explained.  The guy is an inspiration, especially knowing this small part of his story.  This Mike’s story and an explanation of why he chose to support BareFoot LeJog.  

” In March 2012 I was struck by a car and sustained a fractured skull which restricted blood flow to my brain causing a stroke. I spent the Summer losing use of my left limbs with my head in a cognitive stew

In November of that year I was seen by an occupational therapist who said her aim was to get me to be able to walk 100 yards to the local shop unaided, buy a newspaper and walk back, unaided.

As an experienced endurance athlete, with 5 Ironman triathlons under my belt, I said that wasn’t quite what I had in mind.

After several visits to physiotherapists who gave me exercises to get the muscles in my legs firing, countless numbers of falls the same occupational therapist sent me messages of support whilst I was in the Sahara Desert taking on the iconic 150 mile Marathon des Sables. I may have been bloodied from tumbles over rocks but made it to the end to prove to myself that a stroke does not necessitate a complete change in lifestyle.

I was very fortunate to have a supportive family endowed with masses of patience and a neurologist who was able to explain to the good half of my brain what was happening with my grey matter.
I appreciate that not everyone will have access to the same levels of support I did so when I heard what Aleks was proposing to do for other survivors with his epic LeJog run for the Stroke Association I’m tempted to say the decision to help him out was a “no brainer”for me. ”

Mike Julien @ Tailwind Nutrition UK

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