Busy Day Filled With Fun & Pain

Tomorrow is the day where it’s all going on!

At 4pm I’m meeting with High Peak Radio for a little chat, which will hopefully raise the profile of the run and also help it do more against strokes, and then at 6pm it’s off to the University of Derby for some metabolic analysis as part of a study I decided to take part in.

Why’s the second one exciting?

Well, I should walk away knowing my crossover point, or the point where my body switched from burning fat as its primary fuel, to burning sugar as its primary fuel.  I’ve been training based on heart rate for the last two years, sticking to a low heart rate in almost all my workouts.  But, so far the heart rate has been based on a rule of thumb formula (for this interested it’s the Maffatone method) coupled with a low amount of high carbohydrate foods like potatoes, bread etc.

Along side this, I’ve had Nick Allen, from Buxton Physiotherapy Centre analyse my running gate and give me a set of corrective exercises to do.  The idea behind this form of training is to minimise the niggles I’m going to get from poor running form, and making sure I can manage any minor niggles before they become anything major that stops me running everyday.

So, in the final 10 week push to build my mental strength, confirm past training and build on it, everything is taking a decidedly tech feel to it.

Lots of work is going to involve running in a fasted state, on tired legs and fine tuning he intake of water, calories and electrolytes, which luckily for me will be easy.  Mike at Tailwind UK and Jenny at Tailwind in the U.S. Have both been amazing with support so far and I’m confident that as far as getting enough in whilst running is concerned, I’ve got it fully covered.

Now to see what the metabolic analysis says 🙂

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