Beware!  The Dangers Of Shoes… 

Not just the dangers of shoes, but th dangers of not listening to the feedback that your body give you.

I ran the Fellsman and was asked to shoe up, and after just 4 miles, due to the wet conditions, my shoes had pressed long enough on the top of my for to begin some soft tissue damage.  16 miles later and I’d refused to listen to the signal of pain, and after finishing and removing my shoe, the damage done was visible.  One huge, red, soft lump.

Monday followed Sunday and the swelling spread throughout my foot.  The ankle joint creaked when I flexed my foot up or down.  Serious RICE time, a trip to Buxton Physiotherapy Clinic, serious tissue work by Nick Allen and the swelling is subsiding.

Still, how do I cope with the inability to train for my summer challenge?

Body weight WOD making good use of my Swiss ball to remove the weight from my foot.

Here’s the drill:

5 pull ups

10 press ups (feet on Swiss ball)

10 sit-ups (feet on Swiss ball)

30 second plank (feet on Swiss ball)

30 second side planks (both sides and feet on Swiss ball)

3 sets with 10s rests

The side planks really work on activating he core and the glute medius that is often the cause of ITB problems when it tires.

Fingers crossed, the icing, raised foot and flexing of the ankle joint speeds up the healing process and I’m back to running and working on more running focused conditioning.

Yet another lesson learnt.  Listen and fix sooner.  Don’t push through as you’re proving just one thing….

You can get injured just like everyone else!

So, what do you do if you are injured and can’t do your normal activity?


5 thoughts on “Beware!  The Dangers Of Shoes… 

  1. I feel your pain, when I’ve been in similar situations I admit temporary defeat in the physical side and work on mental training. It goes along the lines of firstly, other parts of my body will benefit from the rest/recovery period and come back stronger and prevent a different injury in the future. Secondly at some point(s) in the 1,200 you’re going to feel like sh*t but are going to have to get through it. Now you can practise and build mental strength and techniques to cope. What has brought you closest to quitting in previous ultras, physical or mental shortcomings? Once you’re back in bare feet again physical fitness comes flying back. Use the time to think up some mantras to sustain you in the dark times. Best wishes for your recovery.

    • Thanks for the advice and I’ll make sure I remember it when I hit one of those low points. I already have an odd stubbornness and refuse to quit. It tends to focus on the people who depend on my finishing and that if I don’t I’d have proven those who think this challenge isn’t in anyway possible. I’ve found the very lowest parts of my consciousness in the past and its been that sense of responsibility that’s got me through. The last 15 miles of Fellsman where painful, and Edale Skyline was similar, but the fact that I had a point to prove keeps me going, and that others relied on me to finish to prove their donations aren’t in vain. I’ve also seen serious suffering in terms of pain, poverty and even the result of war first hand, so carry a realisation that no matter how much I hurt, how tired I am, there are others who are in worse places through no choice of there own. I may have to put this lot in a post!!

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