The Story So Far…..

nearly 3 years have passed since and expanding waist line, stress and depression drove me to take up running.  Don’t get me wrong.  I’ve grown to love it and embrace it like any true addict would their chosen vice, but back then, it was the last thing I imagined doing in my spare time.

Two and a half years on and things are different.  I’m 4st lighter, I feel fitter and I’m learning lots about what our bodies are actually capable of.

I dot have any special diet, I don’t avoid alcohol or worship a specific food group and demonise another.  I just run, take pictures of my adventures and enjoy the outdoors.

I do run barefoot at times, but I wouldn’t class myself as a barefoot runner, or go around preaching the virtues of running or doing it barefoot.  I simply enjoy what running does for me both mentally and physically.

So we are at the present time.  I’ve lost someone I care dearly for through poor mistakes and unfortunate circumstances, I lost my grandfather to Father Time and now I’m considering testing what is thought to be ludicrous.

I’m training to run from Lands End in the UK all the way to John O’Groats.  These two points are the two furthest points in the UK and to make it more challenging, I’m going to be attempting it barefooted, covering over 1200 miles of trails, paths, roads, fields and hills.  What’s more is that I will only have 6 weeks to complete something done by “athletes” in 6 weeks and 3 days!!

Yes!?  I’m worried 😳

My mantra for the whole thing?

“I endeavour to cultivate my stupidy”

By Aleks Kashefi, 2014


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