Je Déteste Des Collines

I wrote a post about making hilly routes instead of doing hill reps. Alas… It didn’t upload and has vanished into the electric ether.

Instead here’s some pics of the route, which ended up as 9ish miles with 2400′ of ascent, all of which was rocky technical nonsense!








Sunday Salty Savoury Soup

So here’s the first of many posts, which are mainly a means of keeping track of what I’m eating and since I’m a little conscious of the food, making sure it is reasonably good food.

So far today (and only starting eating after a training run)….


Glass of coconut water and a bowl of vegan miso soup with herbs, cauliflower and broccoli, topped with cashew nuts and pumpkin seeds


Post run mini refuel and hydrate

And I’ve even discovered a new food sensation!!  Marigold Swiss Vegetable Vegan Bouillon!  Goodness me it’s tasty!!

Blog Abuse! Using Blogging To Propel Progress

I need something to help create a sense of rhythm, or maybe I mean pace, anyway…

Recently I’ve been feeling lazy, and I’ve been lazy, food has been poor, beer has been a little too frequent and as a result that little mental image that we all have of our bodies has grown!!!

But I have a pan to get it on track.  I’m going to abuse the power of the blog.

How?  I know it’s obvious but sometimes, saying (typing) things helps set them in stone.

Step 1
Blog what I’m eating.

Step 2
Weekly progress post.

It’s all a little experimental, but hopefully it’ll give me what I’ve learnt I need.  Something external as a focus.

Right!  Time to get my lazy arse out of bed, get dressed and get those training miles in :)

Discovering the root of some problems…

I have no idea were or when I heard this but….

“We live our lives with the air conditioning always turned on”

Or at least I get the feeling I’m living with too many comforts, since I’ve gained 8 pounds (which is definitely not muscle mass), I’m avoiding being active, drinking cold beer in a warm, soft chair and eating foods that I know are overly indulgent.

Time to make some changes (he says out loud from the comfort of the bed he’s been sat in, awake, for the last 2 hours!)