Discovering the root of some problems…

I have no idea were or when I heard this but….

“We live our lives with the air conditioning always turned on”

Or at least I get the feeling I’m living with too many comforts, since I’ve gained 8 pounds (which is definitely not muscle mass), I’m avoiding being active, drinking cold beer in a warm, soft chair and eating foods that I know are overly indulgent.

Time to make some changes (he says out loud from the comfort of the bed he’s been sat in, awake, for the last 2 hours!)


When you #cantbearsed & #runningsucks more than usual

“I really can’t be arsed to run!?”

“Stuff it!  I’m bored?! I’ll drive out and go for a run round Mam Tor”

“I’m here now and there’s no way I’m getting out of this car?!  Best get back and have breakfast”

“Right!  Stop being aan are and go run?!”

“I’m back here again!  Get the he’ll . put then car before you drive back again”

“What!  This place looks awesome from over here!”


Mam Tor the hard way. Found the start of a strava segment!

“Why the he’ll did I come this way?  Bloody hill!?”

“That was an amazing downhill!  I actually thought I might die back there”

“God I hate this shit!?  Why the hell did I come out for a run”

“Right!  I’m sitting here for a bit.  I can’t be bothered to go back”


Mid point in the run midway up Loose Hill

“Man, I need to stop before I swear at a random passer by!?!?  Hold on.  This place is actually really amazing and it’s just a few minutes away from where I live.  I could run here from home!”


Loose Hill decent and the turning point in a run from the pits of doom.

That was turning point.

Uphills were faced head on.

I launched myself down the technical and steep downhills with a massive grin.

I knew there had to be some brightness
inside all that dark, moody, moany internal fog.  Even the completely destroyed uphill road didn’t dampen the newly found happy glow.


I guess this was a road!

It just took 4 miles of a 6 mile run to find it!

Sometimes you just have to sit and realise how small and insignificant the doom inside actually is when you start to just be part of your environment.

Best remember that for next time :)



Got in the car.


Arrived and slept.


My evening and morning view

Woke up and explored.


Sun rising over the mountain range

Had several moments of utter awe!


Off the beaten track and you find all sorts of interesting things


Didn't even know this bit existed! Enroute to Crib Goch


Sometimes going off course is amazing


Snowdonia is really Mordor


Important note. When you're tired, take a selfie.


Things got scary as I started to climb up a waterfall!


What else was I meant to do on top of snowdon? ;)


Cloud making mountain ridge

Restarting A Stalled Machine

Summer seems to make me sporadic and lazy!

Lots has happened since I last posted
~ I managed to run 75 miles using a single hill rep and repeating it 652 times.  All to raise £2000 for a good cause.
~ I took 23 students from my shool to Ghana to make use of the money raised, improving the conditions at another less fortunate school.  It was a truly amazing experience!
~ I lost my means of posting to this blog :(

But that’s all done and dusted.

It’s time to look to the present and where it might lead….

One man, One hill, One Stupid Idea!


Her was the plan. Raise money for a poor school located in a deprived township in Ghana.


My school, Buxton Community School, is linked with Kissi Ebeneezer School in Ghana. Students will be going there, having worked and saved for nearly two years. The purpose of the trip is for them to learn lessons that they are likely to never learn, but also to give back something to the world at large.

This idea is simple…

0.1 mile loop
19ft of ascent
Repeat it for every £1 donated

Questions is, will I actually manage all the reps or will someone win a nice prize?

1 day 11 hours 15 minutes…. #manvstickets

£846 raised from personal donations, postal donations and paypal donations to

All to help a school that is in Ghana have water and access to books.

Now all I have to do is run up and down a 0.1mile hill loop 846 times, one after the other, starting at 4am in 05/07/14

Best get eating and deciding which of my 3 pairs of shoes to wear!

More information can be found here

If your feeling generous you can still donate, and make me run further on the day and all for a worthy cause where ALL the money goes towards helping other less fortunate :)


Confirmation That Stupidity Is Being Cultivated

Met Anthony Kaapas today since he was visiting my school and speaking to the students about giving it your best.

Not sure how but I ended up being asked to pose with him for a photo, followed by another teacher telling him what I was going to be doing on Saturday for my Man Vs Tickets charity fund raiser.

I didn’t expect his face to drop! Not sure he believed I was actually gonna try and do it.

So, in around 3 days I will be rising at 3am, getting ready and starting to run the same 0.1 mile hill loop, ending in 80.4miles of running and 15,276ft of ascent all in one silly run.

Stupidity has definitely reached a minor peak :)